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New 2016 projects and events are already being planned for the for the next few months by the Team focused on the following areas:

  1. #MSClearguide Second Edition. Launch date: April 2016  
  2. Editorial input & sponsorship of a new paper print magazine to help the Rotary Club of London & to share #London news. Launch date: April 2016
  3. New Rotary International UK South Public Image position. Official start date 1st of July 2016 
  4. Digital medicine & health care NEW software launch with Launch date to be confirmed.
  5. New Open Heart BMJ Associate Editor position. 
  6. New global society news website support. 
  7. New #MS Nurse Pro education course. Back to university soon!

So very exciting times ahead particularly in the first quarter of 2016.

May I also take this opportunity to thank everyone for their amazing contributions that delivered a wonderful year for Kaz Aston in 2015 to raise awareness about MS.

Team #gogirl Cowes week 2015 charity sail
Another super event was organised with Team #gogirl in August to raise awareness about the #MSClearguide with, the Rotary club of London & sailing Ventures that provided the racing yacht Flame & skipper Martin. Watch our latest film to learn more & see what we achieved with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO)

Social media record performances with over 24 million accounts reached
Amazing results for the Kaz Aston social media engagement campaign for the #gogirl cannonball run. The PR campaign used Twitter, Facebook, Youtube & Instagram. Over 24 million accounts had information about the mission to support MS with partners the Rotary club London & More information will be shared about this soon.

Team #gogirl Cannonball Run Mission August Updates
The excitement still continues with more support to help raise awareness about the #MSClearguide & raise funds for MS. Sadly, we are still awaiting Jasmine, that joined Team Go girl, to finalise the Hobbs & Palmer group accounts from June so we cannot share how much money has been raised to help the London MS unit. However, fingers crossed as we were told today this will be done by mid, August. In the mean time here is the film Kaz Aston made that has been very popular on social media.

Innovating for Patients 
It was a real pleasure to speak at the Novartis Innovating for Patients Press Day about MS in Basel Switzerland. The event was supported by Consultant Neurologist Dr Denny so we could share both clinical updates & MS patient experiences. Look out for positive media features using the #thinkMS. 

Team #GoGirl MS Mission
We are really excited to share the Cannonball Run Europe 2015 was a real success for Team Go Girl. We completed the rally, helped raise awareness about MS & Rotary Club of  London in 8 European Countries & Kaz even raised funds for an MS Centre in Essex, London. We are just getting all of the media updates sorted so will share these asap as we have been gaining great support globally even with the Huff Post, America's biggest online newspaper.

Top Secret MS Mission
The team are all excited as Team #gogirl prepares for the Top Secret 2015 Cannonball Run mission to drive 2,500 miles across Continental Europe in six days Also, Kaz raising awareness about MS where possible. Each day will be an adventure into the unknown, across different countries to a new and exciting destination! Follow us on twitter using #topsecret #gogirl & #MSClearguide for me!

World MS Patient Summit 2015
I am so excited to have chaired and moderated the 2015 World Patient Summit in Rome. 

The 2015 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) World Patient Summit was excellent. The focus was all about MS patients and how to best link patient expertise to progress research, care and community services. The event was very modern and there was a real mix of all ages, discussing sustainable ways, to improve MS treatment, share information in modern ways, that reflect today’s society needs. The expert patient discussions were amazing and identified the key resources needed to champion best practice, implement new education solutions and even develop a common language at both local and international levels. Big thanks to everyone that helped support the event & shared #thinkMS. Check out the social media channels and facebook news for more information. Here is a facebook link for news Check out: Follow social media.

New Website Landing pages 
We are really excited to share our new website links for, our new London pages. These are:
We will be arranging various charity & MS awareness events as a result that we will be sharing on our social media & websites. 

Great Video Interview with National MS Society
Follow this link below to watch a nice interview that talks about latest MS medications, existing ones people may be currently taking and what latest MS research is saying.  

New Year Brings Exciting Projects & Partnerships 
We are all excited with the new events, we are planning for 2015 with our new business contacts and charitable organisations. The latest headlines include various charity and MS awareness raising projects. Here are our latest press release headlines and projects we will be keeping you posted about:

MS Music with loads more support from the Music Industry & Top Musicians
Ball Run Europe with Team Go Girl where Kaz Aston will be navigating across Europe in June
More support from the motor racing world
London Radio sessions for MS Awareness
Social media coaching & interviews with Keith Keller & Campaigns
Fashion Design for MS with A&L Fashion of London support with NEW #GoGirl Awards
More Educational MS Interviews with Kaz & Top UK MS Experts

Watch out for more info on social media & our new websites
Special Thanks

The team would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support in 2014 to achieve so much to help people affected by MS. We have lots planned already for 2015 and will be sharing soon via the website and our social media channels. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Tony Johnstone plays amazing Golf at the European 2014 Masters at UK Woburn Club .
It was a real pleasure to catch up with Tony Johnstone as he played some superb golf on one of his favourite courses in the world. The 3 day competition saw Tony hit some amazing shots against world class professionals we all know and love. Tony has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) but it doesn't stop him continue his professional golf career and perform consistently, very well. Go Tony and 
Thanks so much for helping to keep raising awareness about MS globally.

tony johnstone, kazaston, ms
Chatting to MS Experts at London MS Day
ms, kazaston,

Listen to my interviews with Two MS Expert Doctors, MS Nurse Johnny and MS Research Nurse from Imperial Health Care NHS Trust. Follow Sound cloud links or MP3's below 
4 interviews on Soundcloud
MP3 interviews:   Caroline MS Research Nurse on MS Clinical Trials   New Primary Progressive trials
Dr Omar Malik on Latest MS Medication options  Exciting New treatments for MS
Dr Richard Nicholas talks about Exciting Times for MS care  UK Largest MS Centre shares latest news for MS
Jonny MS Nurse talks about nurses important Role for MS care  What does an MS do today?

This is an amazing study day in London that might be helpful to learn more about latest treatments & research. Places available so contact asap to avoid disappointment.

ms, london, multiple sclerosis, imperial health care

MS UK Celebrates 21 years with Kaz Aston 
The MS UK Charity has been running for 21 years which is the same time Kaz Aston has been diagnosed with MS so we are celebrating together. On Monday the 4th of August we will be sharing the love on twitter by using #MSUKDAY & others as you will read below.

MS, UK, London, kazaston, multiple sclerosis, #MSUKDAY, msclearguide

Amazing support from Royal College of Nursing for MS
Ceo Dr Peter Carter has again shown amazing support for MS. Peter is working with Kaz Aston to help look at best ways we can work together to help people affected by MS. Will keep you posted as exciting work underway.
rcn, kazaston, petercarter, nursing, uk rcn, nurses, peter carter, kaz aston, london

Fashion World support for MS 
Kaz has set up A&L Fashion thanks to Mr Philip Lester a fashion manufacturer from London. The adventure started by helping Kaz to manufacture her latest designs of bags, jackets and hats with milliner Jessica Mary for Royal Ascot 2014 with profit from any future purchases going to help MS charities. Several events have already happened & helped raise awareness about MS in London. You can see some of Kaz's latest designs on facebook and even order a bespoke design.

A&L Fashion Design
Fashion, london, ms, kaaston, design, Royal Ascot 2014 kazaston, a&Lfashion, london, royal ascot, ms kazaston, fashion, london,ms, design

WORLD MS DAY 2014  London Radio Show 

Music for MS in London
Lokkhi Terra Play Live for MS at the Forge Camden London to raise awareness of MS Clear Guide. They are amazing and great musicians.

London MS FaceBook Page
A Brand new facebook page has just been set up to share MS info & link to the MS Clear Guide. Amazing support already & loads of likes! Here is our facebook photo & link

Support from Music Industry for MS
Thanks to social media especially twitter am now linking to VIP Music Promotions sharing tweets with over 1 Billion people globally about MS. Thanks so much you're amazing.

VIP Music Promotions

MS London Radio 12 Hour Broadcast

Albert Carter wins 2013 Karting  Championship
So excited to share Albert, our MS campaigner won the championship after a hard year of difficult racing rounds. Also, Albert was a runner up in the Rotary young citizens award where he was representing Rotary in London. Special thanks to Team Carter & Lucas Oils for all of their support this year. Here is Albert and the team!

MS Radio Marathon Huge Success
The 12 hour MS Radio broad cast with London's The Jumbo Sound was a real hit & had global listeners helping to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis. Rotary in London also gave massive support with money being donated to help a MS Society centre in Essex. Really cool as we linked to an MS group in Australia and had loads of music supplied to play for MS. Donations are still coming in thanks to social media along with ideas for fund raising events and transport. Special thanks to everyone that helped.

ms society

kaz aston
Imperial College Healthcare NHS London Latest News on MS
Wow what a fantastic information day last week with the MS experts helping people affected by MS to hear & talk about the latest progress for MS.
Here are some interviews I did with 4 MS clinical experts, very useful indeed:

Dr Richard Nicholas on progress for MS & Centres
Dr Omer Malik New MS Treatments  
Professor Stephen Sawcer MS & Genetics  From University of Cambridge
Dr V Chamoun on MS & Work  From Stoke Mandiville Hospital not at this study day
ms, london ms centre, imperial college london, multiple sclerosis treatments

Tune into MS on Jumbo Sound Radio Station in London
On Saturday the 25th of September  2013 I am presenting a 12 hour radio set to help raise awareness and provide education about MS. Why not tune in on
Jumbo Sound Radio Station

*Two Way Talking with MS Nurse Specialists*
It was a real honour to be invited to talk at a UK MS Nurse academy Conference in July 2013 on Two Way Talking. My role to share the latest research on helping patients to adhere in the best way possible to MS Treatments. It was great to talk for 45 minutes on this exciting topic and allow nurses to share ideas that they find really help people with MS. Also, to hear that nurses and therapists are sharing the MS Guide and find it really helpful in the UK. I look forward to helping at future MS Conferences and events again soon.

*The Rotary Neville Shulman Cup *
I am so proud that I have just been awarded a cup for all of my efforts for fund raising and supporting disadvantaged adults and children in London from the Rotary Club of London. It has been a very exciting Rotary year in 2012/13 with supporting the Paralympics and other charity events that I have done to help others at no cost for the charities or schools. A fantastic achievement and really motivational to keep moving forward with my work for charity. Here are some press features and a picture of my amazing trophy.

*The Rotary Club of London & UK help raise awareness about MS*
Since becoming a Rotarian and even the Vice President of the Rotary Club of London the support for the MS Guide has been amazing. Here is why I became a Rotarian and why it has helped me to achieve so much for local communities.

*Support for MS Clear Guide by The Royal College of Nursing (RCN)*
Thanks to the help of Dr Peter Carter CEO and the team at the RCN information about the free MS guide have been published with members globally on line and in the RCN magazine. This now enables Nurses all over the world to access the guide and share with their patients.

*Spreading the Word about MS Guide in Scotland*
Thanks to the newspapers in Scotland a feature about the MS Clear Guide has been circulated via Scottish news which has given people an opportunity to find out about my web site and the read the MS guide. Here is a copy of the evening post.

There is just No Stopping young Albert Carter's support!
I arranged for The Rotary Club of London a Karting day for a quarter of the pupils from West Lea School with young racing driver Albert Carter aged only 9 years old. From the Rotary donation a group of 25 children together with their parents all went to Trent Valley Kart Club the home of British Karting to watch the first round of the club championships at the very fast 1382 metre world famous PFI International Circuit near Grantham, where Formula One champions have trained. A fun & educational day for all we hope will keep the paralympic legacy moving forward in 2013 & Albert came 2nd!

News Flash...MS Clear Guide Launched Feb 2013 Now Available for FREE
BBC Radio two Live on air with Jeremy Vine BBC Radio two MS feature
Thanks to the amazing Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2  with our interview supported by DR Sarah Jarvis information about the MS & the new Clear Guide was discussed air live on air. We covered a huge range of areas that people wanted to find out more about MS  and share personal experiences. 
Thanks also everyone for all of your amazing emails and hope we can stay in touch.
Listen in here to the MS interview I did for MS with   BBC Radio MS Feature with Jeremy Vine & Kaz Aston 
Thanks also to the amazing team at Southwick media for doing a fantastic job of helping promote the launch across so many great media and PR links. See my film that Southwick media made on my home page or their website  Southwick media website
Chatting to Anne Diamond on BBC Radio Berkshire about MS & Drag Racing
Anne interviewed me on Tuesday  15th January to find out the latest news about, The Really Clear Guide to MS which will be launched very soon and Drag Racing! You can listen to the interview on BBC Iplayer for 7 days. Thanks BBC Radio Berkshire

Albert Carter promotes MS at NEC AutoSport 2013 
There is just no stopping Albert! Well done for the fantastic racing results and your kind offer to help in 2013 for both MS and The Rotary Club of London work

Playing Darts with MS
Recently I have found that playing Darts has really helped my MS with balance, co-ordination, muscle tone and adding up numbers fast! A fun sport that everyone can play even if you need to sit down and throw from a wheel chair. I am currently playing for the Rotary Club of London and we have just won ou r first match, yippee :0)
Rotary Club of London Darts Venue

Visit to 2012 Paralympic's
The Rotary Club of London gave fellow MS patient's from London an opportunity to go to the 2012 games and share their experiences. Here is a short film about peoples experiences and how it has helped inspire them to think about benefits of sport.

Clay Shooting you can do this with MS
I have been learning to clay shoot with my new teacher, David Dale, the current English openChampion and expert coach, at Bisley. I am so excited about the sport and as the Sports Chairmain for The Rotary Club of London have been training to compete! Here is my latest film about clay shooting with MS!

MS Awareness week 2012
Hope you have picked up on this very important week to raise awareness about MS. There is loads of info on UK MS charity websites if you want to find out more. As the week draws to an end I am really pleased to share that I have been working hard to contribute to lots of events during the week. I am so proud of my MS team and unit based at Charing Cross hospital in London as they offer a fantastic service to help people affected by MS. Keep up the good work guys.

MS Life 2012
I have just had an amazing opportunity to attend the MS Society' MS Life event in Manchester. I visited with the In Focus Magazine team where I am the patient editor. I learn't loads of really helpful information, met amazing people and had real fun. Keep your eye out for this event or check out the MS Society website for more info.

Shooting is an option with MS
As the Sports lead for the Rotary Club of London I have decided to start Clay Shooting. To make sure I'm safe and learning in the best way.
David Dale just awarded the coach of the year, by the Clay Pigeon Association has started teaching me the ropes. I was so pleased to learn that you can still shoot even if you suffer with health challenges. I will keep you posted on my progress with this fantastic sport.

Amazing Support Again for Charity at Santapod Raceway
Over the last 12 months a huge amount of support for worth while causes has occured at Santapod, I am so excited to share. Here is the latest report I've written that covers the high lights Thank you everyone who helped Santapod Charity Updates  

Albert & Carter Motor Sport 2012 Progress
Young Albert has been helping again to raise awareness about MS this time at the 2012 Auto Sport show with Lucas Oils. Albert is really doing well, already this year, with his carting and I can't wait to see him in action. Thanks Albert, Andy (ex European Top Fuel Champion) and Sarah your help is fantastic.
Knowledge is Power!!
Over the holidays I took some time to make sure I was really up to date with the latest MS information. Even though I have been studying MS for over 20 years I still learnt loads when reading various MS publications. It's definately worth it and helps even to manage symptoms and talk to other people about MS & how your feeling. I am just developing some really helpful information that feel may help you and others get you head around MS. Will keep you posted about this....................
A Fantastic end to 2011!
After a really busy year Sailing Ventures helped prove again that MS does not stop you Sailing. Thanks to Matthew Fordham my expert RYA teacher I passed my International VHF Radio course. I am very proud to hold this qualification and can't wait to start sailing again this year. Roll on the 2012 Sailing season.
Even More Support from Motor Racing
The help & time to support for my mission to raise awareness MS. 
Nitro FM at Santapod has been truly amazing. 
Here is the latest.......... Jake Handy, TOP Young British Driver
Street Eliminator, 2011 film. To get further info & buy any films visit  Quarter Mile High
A fantastic Film & TV site that covers the racing. Thanks for all of your help guys
The 2011 Commonwealth Fair
The Commonwealth Countries League CCL Website  
Education Fund Raising Fair in London helps support girls with education that can change their lives. 
Here is a short film about the fantatsic 2011 event.

For their fantastic invitation to visit  and share info about MS A wonderful group of people that support 
many fantastic causes particulary Sea Cadets. Check out their website 
For further information

Thanks Tara Team Harris is doing a fantastic job helping us Raise Awareness in Drag Racing.

Top British Racing Driver Andy Carter Continues to Help Raise Awareness about MS Globally.
Here is my latest film about Raising Awareness of MS with both Andy and his son Albert Carter  
Albert is only 8 is training hard to race race in Formula One in the future.

Sharing Information about MS with my Fellow Rotarians.
I am really excited to have recently become a member of The Rotary Club of London, for more information about this fantatsic organisation check out this Rotary Club Link

Raising Awareness about MS on BBC Radio with Top presenter Jon Biggs after latest UK Press Reports on MS patient services. Check out  this link to listen
Round the Island Race 2011 Competing & Raising Awareness about MS
Thanks to Sailing Ventures I did it and we finished in top 20% A fantastic Race!

Tara Harris Supports Kaz 
Tara & Les Harris have been continuing their support to me help raise awareness about MS.  Tara the only female British Female Bike Scrutineer works at Santa pod. She has recently finished all her training & even started racing her new Super Twins Bike.
Tara a very keen racer and is doing really well. Thanks for your help Tara, we look forward to working with you. Tara has even got my website details on her bike, bless her. For more info about Tara just visit  Les Harris Racing                                         
The 2011 Main Event at Santa pod
Wow what a fantastic first FIA Racing meet. Yes tough with the weather at   times but the atmosphere was truly fantastic & really exciting. Nitro FM     also welcomed some very special guests from all over the world! I spent time with the lovely Track Side Tina, Kenny Youngblood, Tommy Johnson Jr, The Malta Drag Racing Association and so many other wonderful people I admire. Check out  Euro  for full race reports & racing news.
Interview updates coming soon.................
Special Berkshire CMA Charity Event in Windsor helps Raise Awareness 
Members of The  CMA , supported by Prince Moshin Ali Khan of Hyderabad, Princess Katarina along with over 90 wonderful guests all helped raise funds to make a donation to, The Berkshire Community Foundation, at the Guildhall in Windsor. Also attending Royal Borough ex Mayor & Councillor Leo Walters. Everybody had fun & an opportunity to toast the recently wed Royal Couple while learn more about MS & The Special Heritage Guildhall with CMA Expert Dr Barry Twigg. A charity raffle & auction all helped raise money. Special Thanks to everyone that donated prizes and helped me with the special event.                                                        

Celebrating the Royal Wedding
I helped the CMA out with interviews with CTV- Canadian TV to share the excitement on the day in London.
Wow what a fantastic day for us all. Shared the really amazing experience with friends at the Royal Over Seas League. Wish Prince William & Kate now the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge all the very best. :0) xx
Fund Raising to Support MS Nurses on St George's Day at Santa pod Raceway
At the Easter Thunder ball Racing Meet The Nitro FM team worked with Debbie Rumblow to celebrate St George's Day with Face Painting. Racing fans & track visitors had St George's crosses painted to help the Northamptonshire MS Nurses.  We all had fantastic time! Thank youeveryone that helped us to fund raise for this very worth while cause.
Check out my latest Kaz Aston blog  for more info about this exciting news and listen to my interview with Anne Diamond on BBC IPlayer
Thanks to Matthew Fordham & the Sailing Ventures team I managed to PASS my RYA Comp Crew Course last month. It was a real challenge to achieve all of the learning requirements for this qualification especially with a Gale force 7 wind and being a bit cold but I did it with MS. Listen to Matthew  talking about how you can try this amazing sport even with a health condition like MS  Next it's more training and study to see if i can achieve my dream of doing some yacht Day Racing & raise awareness about MS. Will keep you posted on my progress and when I start to race!
I am starting my RYA Sailing Practical Cruise Training with 
Sailing Ventures  next. Hope will meet new friends and share MS info too. 
First of all, with my expert teacher Matt Fordham from the Sailing Ventures Team. This a 5 Day Comp Crew course to learn all of the essentials needed to be part of the Crew. I am really excited and had some great information and help from RYA 
Sailability   Fingers crossed I will succeed so am then able to Start Yacht Racing for the 2011 Racing Season with Sailing Ventures. Hear more 
I wrote & recorded by Jon Briggs
Spreading The Word in Europe with  NITRO FM  & Nicola Prentice who also has MS. 
Nicola & I popped over to Malta where we had an opportunity to talk to lots of people about MS and Drag Racing at Santa pod. I also had a fantastic opportunity to Talk on LIVE RADIO At SMASH RADIO & EVEN ON SMASH & MOTO DROME TV THANKS, TO 
. Thanks so much to everyone that helped us in Malta. Here is an 
Interview  where he talks about 
about his
for  INSPIRE. A charity that helps disabled children with special needs & learning disabilities, what a wonderful guy.
Fitness & MS
To promote my general fitness and in particular help Balance & Co-ordination Challenges with MS I've been going to the Driving Range. I hope one day to play a round of golf but first, it's all about Practice! Mike O'Connor  A PGA Professional Teacher from The Lambourne Club is helping with my Set UP & Swing here are Mike's  Top Tips .  All very important and great fun! Here is some general helpful and encouraging advice from  Mike
Spreading the word about MS in USA
After starting my initial Dragster Training with Paul from  Paul Marston Racing    I attended a fantastic Two Day Training Course as UK season had finished to learn to drive a Super comp Dragster. Here is the film about my fantastic experience with Frank Hawley in Florida USA
MY Nitro FM interview with Ben Collins Ex TOP GEAR STIG   Ben Collins . A fantastic guy and amazing racing driver. All the Best With 5th Gear & British Touring Cars Ben.
Check out my Latest Progress on my New Kaz Aston BLOG   for my up to date news.
Activities vary and also include MS awareness raising with GOLF, SAILING, ART, EDUCATION & LOTS MORE! So loads of info that may be of interest.
My love of Drag Racing has grown so much since I found the sport in 2009.
After working hard with Jon Webster, all of the Santa Pod Track Team – and especially Nitro FM – I have just reviewed my personal, racing, & training position while still able to participate (as a trained nurse always does!)

As a result Sue Collins from Mongoose & Powerchips with Gary Page have offered me an exciting opportunity to train as a Top Fuel Driver. WOW! Here is Sue's incredible new team car in action at the FIA Santa Pod Event.I hope one day will be able to race a Top Fuel Funny Car or Dragster so lots of training and lessons will be needed!
 Will keep you posted on my progress and new opportunities to support my MS Mission in the UK & globally with all of my Drag Racing Friends.

MS Trust is Santa Pod lead charity

The MS Trust was the lead charity at the 2010 FIA Main Event at Santa Pod held over the UK Spring Bank holiday.  

The MS Trust (while at Santa Pod) were able to provide information and support on site to anyone that asked and raised a grand total of £835.02 – £689.49 from the stand & £145.53 from Team Edge.

All the funds raised are to help support health care professionals working to promote people's lives with MS and the role of the MS Nurse.

There is still a shortfall of 150 MS specialist nurses in the  UK so the MS Trust will continue to campaign and support nurses in post by providing information & education.

The MS nurses are truly invaluable, as I have found over the last 16 years living with MS – so it's a worthwhile and invaluable service provided to people affected by MS. 

My role for this particular event was to help raise awareness about MS with Nitro FM among the large numbers of people attending, as well as to work with all of the drag racing teams that wanted to help too. Here is my My Full Santa Pod Charity Support  July Report. 
Amazing raffle prizes were donated by top racing teams which helped the MS Trust raise awareness & support. There were also educational radio adverts by Alex Alam & Gary Page (listen to the MS Trust MS Advert ).

Thanks to every one that helped with this fantastic event your help is so appreciated and does make a real difference to people with MS.

If you would like to make a donation please visit the Just Giving donation page for MS Trust   
Special Thanks also to:
  • Nitro FM & the Santa Pod Team
  • Gordon Smith & Shock Wave Racing Team
  • Gary Page & Mongoose Exhausts & Power chips
  • Andy Carter & Lucas Oils
  • Brian Taylor Allard Chrysler
  • Team Edge
  • Alex Alam BBC Last Woman Standing ( Alex's MS Trust Advert)
  • Simon Fairless at  Simon at Simons
Here are just a few pictures of individuals that helped me at The Main Event.


To help with my physical ability & fitness I'm excited to report I now have a NEW PERSONAL TRAINER. Runner up of UK BBC 3 The Last Woman Standing, Alex Alam has been truly inspirational both when watching her on the BBC TV Show & since she started giving me her expert and amazing advice to help transform my physical stamina.


Alex is getting ready to visit Santa pod for THE MAIN EVENT and will be supporting me with Nitro FM to promote Team Edge & The MS Trust.


The next racing event for Enigma was THE BIG BANG at Santa pod for the weekend of 23-25 April.

Further engine & performance work continues on Enigma by Adrenaline Race, so I hope to experience even faster speeds! will keep you posted on how we do. Sadly Enigma is experiencing some engine challenges at the present time and I'm not able to race for Team Edge due to the vehicle engine problems – but Gordon is racing The Edge for the Team Edge, so all the very best for the rest of the racing season.

The Competition 2010  Racing Events are well underway with the Santa Pod Easter Thunder Ball. This is the official start to the UK Drag racing season, so please wish me good fortune!! I'm going to close my eyes take a deep breath and go for it and talk about it all on Nitro FM! TRANS WORLD SPORT TV FEATURE shown ON SKY STARTS Starts WEDS 31ST OF MARCH for 13 Shows, with info about MS & Drag Racing

Trans World Sport film crew visited Santa pod to cover an exciting feature about my story & new Drag Racing adventure with Team Edge. The feature thanks to Trans world Sport & SKY was aired 13 times  globally on sky Sports. Thank you Trans World Sport so much for your help with this fantastic extreme sports and informative production. Take a look at this Trans World Sport TV Drag Racing & MS feature in my videos section or at Santa Pod TV


I am also very fortunate to have top UK racing Driver Jon Webster fro m Webster Race Engineering  providing advanced teaching along with many other racing drivers, mechanics like Danny from Adrenaline Race & Performance.  Roll on our first Racing Meet at Santa Pod, The Easter Thunderball  – 1-5 APRIL 2010 hope to see you there!  

I will be driving to start in the Street Eliminator Class and Trans World Sport TV filmed me at my first Track Test and Tune Day at Santa Pod

The MS Trust was lead charity at the Santa Pod Main Event .

Check Simon's website to purchase fantastic Art, Photography & help me! If you purchase any Art and mention my website a DONATION is made to help raise awareness about MS
" are supporting me by donating 22% of the profits made when people buy a piece of art (a painting or photograph) and tell Simon they have visited and want to help. I have featured a few of my favourite pieces for you to see.

Are you up for a bridge walk?
It’s early days yet, but would you be interested in a London bridge walk when the weather starts to improve?

I’m planning to take part in a walk that will see participants crossing 16 of London’s bridges, including all the capital’s central landmarks: London Bridge, the Millennium Bridge, Tower Bridge, Westminster Bridge and more.

We’re not planning to raise sponsorship for this event, and will instead be charging for tickets – with all proceeds going to support the MS Society . Everyone’s invited, the day’s going to fun, and I’d love to see you there. If you’d like to learn more, drop me a line .

Drag Racing

If you’d asked me back in 2007 whether I’d be taking part in the fastest motor sport on earth – and within only two years – I’d have given you a resounding “no”.

But after a fantastic first visit to Santa Pod raceway for the Easter Thunder Ball in 2009, I was so impressed – by the sport, the staff and the brilliant facilities for disabled people. That day was the spark that inspired me to get on the drag racing track to raise money for MS!

After my doctor gave me the go-ahead (you can read about my own MS here ), FIA Race Director Darren Prentice organised a passenger thrill ride for me in Santa Pod’s two-seat dragster at the Summer Nationals. This amazing 9.8 litre car lets rip with a jaw-dropping 1000 horsepower!

The ride was breathtaking MY  Top driver Jon Webster and his team not only looked after me, but they kick-started a new passion. The Santa Pod kindness didn’t stop there. Nitro FM, Santa Pod’s radio station, gave me an opportunity to talk about Multiple Sclerosis and the work of the MS Trust, not to mention whetting my appetite for broadcasting – I ended up co-presenting when the European and UK finals came along.

Drag racing has been a wonderful way to raise both awareness and money for Multiple Sclerosis charities – and in the company of some of the most amazing people I’ve met. I’m looking forward to throwing lots more enthusiasm and time into the family atmosphere of drag racing, and I’d love it if you could help in some way. Take a look at my Justgiving page for ideas and more information.

Other charity work

In recent years, I’ve tried to raise awareness about (and fundraise for) many causes – including MS charities – in a range of different ways. I’ve taken part in walks, sailed yachts, played golf, learned about painting and ceramics, been on a hot air balloon ride, improved my cookery skills, gone on historical tours and talks and organised girls vs boys netball with the Royal Navy.
In short, if it’s fun and it helps get the message out there, then I’m up for it!

If you’ve got any great awareness-raising ideas, I’d love to hear about them . Why not drop me a line? I’ll share as many ideas as possible on this website.

What would you like to do now?
Learn more about me
Read my really clear guide to MS
Get in touch with me

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